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LinkedIn’s Not So New Publishing Platform: A Content Creator’s Dream

LinkedIn is changing and looks to be coming into its own as a social network. It’s Q2 profits are up, its user base is growing and, best of all, it is increasing access to its publishing platform. What’s that you ask? Allow me to explain.

In February of this year LinkedIn announced that it would be opening a dedicated publishing platform to 25000 members which would allow them to publish unique content that becomes part of their professional profile and is shared with their network. SInce that time, more than 15 million more people have been granted access to to the platform and the traffic to posts published has risen by more than 100 percent. For professional content writers looking to be discovered there simply could not be a better opportunity.

So, how do you get access? Many of you may be surprised to discover that you already have access to the platform (I know I was). To find out, look for the pencil icon in your status bar. If you mouse over it it will say “Create a post.” Just click on it and you can begin publishing your content.



But, what if you’re not one of the 15 million to whom LinkedIn has opened its platform? No worries. You can request access to the platform here.

The Takeaway

If it’s not obvious already, LinkedIn is becoming a true powerhouse as a social and professional network. Never has here been a better chance to put your best foot forward and get your writing in front of the people who can help you reach your professional goals. In addition, simply due to the weight search engines give to LinkedIn profiles, building a strong publishing identity on the network could provide some very real organic SEO benefits (the last part is complete speculation but it seems to follow).

So, don’t just sit there mulling this over.  Go log into your LinkedIn profile and check to see if you’ve been accepted into the publishing program. If not, then request access. And, if you don’t even have an account sign up for one today.


About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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