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3 Ways to Find Blog Inspiration from Social Media

socially-980x500Are you looking for new topics to post about on your blog? Do you feel as if you tried all of your regular sources for inspiration and still come up empty handed? Luckily for you (and for all of us content creators) there’s a vast, untapped resource in the form of social media that can provide you with plenty of inspiration and may even help you to expand your business and forge new niche connections.

1. Create Conversations around Your Posts. When you post to your blog you should be sharing it on the various social media channels to which you belong as well. Doing so not only ensures that you will extend the reach of your content (hopefully it will be shared by you present followers and gain you even more) but can be the perfect place to discuss and get feedback about your post. This feedback can then be developed into a follow up post or, if the conversations were heated enough, into a whole series.

2. Research Relevant Hashtags. There are literally millions of conversations on social media everyday. Use hashtags to find out what’s trending on Twitter and other social media sites. You’ll be sure to find inspiration and can even spark up conversations which will give you plenty of grist for the content mill.

3. Ask for Guest Bloggers. Sometimes you just need a new perspective and finding the right guest blogger for your blog is a great way to do it. Begin at the beginning and ask your followers if anyone would be interested in guest blogging. Another great way to find a guest blogger is to reach out and ask people individually. Like a particular blogger in your niche. Send them an email and ask away.

Social media gives content creators almost unlimited access to untold resources and millions of individual perspectives each day. Although we’ve only highlighted three of the ways you can find inspiration for your blog through social media, there are countless others. If you’d like to share your own take a moment to reply to us here or contact us. We’d love to hear your thoughts (and write a blog post about it later).




About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

2 comments on “3 Ways to Find Blog Inspiration from Social Media

  1. Pat Cegan
    July 18, 2014

    Hi, Michael, thanks for the reblog from Source of Inspiration. As I post every four hours, seven days a week, writer’s block is not an issue for me. There is “tuning in” to the creative Force that I believe we all have once we learn to pay attention to it. It spans all forms of creativity and is a process that starts with listening to our inner voice. Three years ago I had never read a blog, written a poem, or even read poetry. Now Source of Inspiration has more than 7000 poems and continues to be a “source of inspiration.” I have noticed that I am aware of possible “triggers” that provide potential theme. This could be a phrase in a book, some piece of music, a random idea that just pops up during the day and that I jot down for future use. Thanks for this article. Developing our creativity is one of the gifts of life, and can take many forms. hugs, pat

    • Michael Rickicki
      July 18, 2014

      Wow Pat! Every four hours! That is quite a spiritual practice and I admire you. Thanks for following and I’ve done the same. Every good blessing to you!


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