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3 Tips to Get Your Tweets Shared

5-Twitter-Tips-Et-ScribisOf all of the social networks there s no single platform that exemplifies both the best and the worst of social media better than Twitter. On a typical day there are over 500 million tweets made with an average of 5700 tweets per second! If that doesn’t strike you as completely insane I’m not sure what will but it also points to the cold, hard truth that you need to have a plan if you hope to get any of your tweets shared or retweeted (RT in twitter-talk).

The following three tips may not get you noticed by everyone in the twit-o-sphere but they will surely give you a better chance of being noticed than by flying blind (there’s a pun there if you can make it out).

1. Ask for Retweets and Shares. Even though we like to think of ourselves as having evolved beyond 20th Century sales techniques there’s simply no denying the fact that you’ve got to ask for the sale if you ever hope to close a deal. When you use Twitter you’re selling whatever you’ve tweeted and you only close the deal when it’s been shared. Study after study has shown that you’re chances of getting retweeted are greatly improved when you come right out and ask for it. Use words like “retweet,” “RT,” and “spread” in your tweets in you see a marked improvement in no time.

2. Contribute Value. Don’t just spam the heck out of the few followers you have. If you’re marketing efforts are being done correctly you will be consistently adding value to niche discussions. Not only will you stay on the good side of the community but your tweets will be more likely to be shared if they are useful.

3. Make Your Tweets Read Like Headlines. There’s a reason so many people spend so much time crafting headlines and it’s because they work when written well. If you need more tips on how to write a good headline see my previous post here.

I hope these tips have helped you get an idea of how to craft a better tweet. If they have when not retweet this post and send it out into the sea of 500 million others we can expect Twitter to amass today? Happy Saturday everyone!


About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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