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Writer’s Block? Try These 3 Content Discovery Tools

writers-block_JoanneWriter’s block is a fact of life for those of us who rely on our own initiative and inspiration to produce new, relevant and (we hope) engaging content on a regular basis. I know that I, for one, often struggle with what to write here on the Et Scribis blog simply because I’ve committed to a schedule of daily posting but there is one thing I do that helps me achieve my goals: reading industry news. Every morning before I start writing I read a selection of stories from various social media, SEO, blogging, copywriting and marketing sites.

Yes, I probably should spend more time planning my posts but I find it hard to get excited by content calendars that stretch far into the future. For me, it is more important to share my excitement for new and interesting information that I cull from the morning’s feeds rather than pass on dry and lifeless drivel that I’ve scheduled out to eternity. But, that’s just the way I like to write.

Regardless of how you decide to strategize your writing the fact that you need to find good sources of inspiration still remains. The following three tools will both help you to find stories, articles and content tailored to your interests and, even cooler, will allow you to share them via your connected social networks.

Recommended Content Discovery Tools

1. Buffer Of all of the content discovery tools I’ve tried I’m most impressed with Buffer. In fact, if I had not already taken the time to set-up my Hootsuite account I would most likely be using Buffer instead for my social media and marcom work with Rvinyl. The free version of BUffer offers scheduling of suggested content and, for only $10 a month you can integrate news feeds of your choice using their Feedly plug-in. Pretty cool right?

2. Hootsuite The granddaddy of content sharing platforms, Hootsuite only allows you to access suggested content with a paid upgrade of $9.99 per month. The coolest feature about Hootsuite is that you can auto-schedule your posts which means that the software will determine the optimal posting times for your content so that it will get maximum engagement. Although I have my doubts about its effectiveness it is a great tool for the busy small business owner who wears a dozen or more hats in the course of a day.

 3. Prismatic Of the three, I am least familiar with Primatic although it seems like a powerful tool. On setting up my account and selecting a large number of interests Prismatic surfaced a lot of great posts and stories from Facebook and Twitter. The feed is convenient for both reading (to get your own ideas) and sharing and is, at present completely free.

I sincerely hope that these three content discovery services will help you to rekindle the flame of inspiration when it has been snuffed out by fatigue, fear or whatever else it is that causes writer’s block. For me, the best part about producing content in this way is that I am constantly learning as a result of having to synthesize ideas for my readers. Whether the same holds true for you is yours to discover but good luck out there and have a great weekend!



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I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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