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How to Make Pinterest Work for You

Image courtesy of PC Mag

Image courtesy of PC Mag

Oh no, not ANOTHER social media post. Sorry to say it folks but Pinterest is another social media site that you really can’t afford to ignore. And why is that? Well it really alls boils down to Pinterest’s meteoric growth and its uncanny ability to deliver an audience that is actually willing to buy the products and services you put in front of them (compare that to the buy-a-phobic Facebook and you’ll see why Pinterest presents an opportunity you don’t want to miss). But, don’t just take my word for it, let me drop some knowledge on you n the form of FACTS:

◊ Pinterest is the top converting social media site and converts 50% higher than any other.

◊ Has more than 2.5 billion page views per month.

◊ Currently has 70 million users.

◊ Maintains user engagement and interest longer than other sites.

Okay, but What the Heck Is A Pinterest Anyway?

With facts like these you’d have to be intentionally obtuse not to take the hint. So, how do you get started with Pinterest and what the heck is it? Simply put, Pinterest is a visual and virtual pinboard site that allows users to pn and collect images from all around the interwebs. In order to organize the pins users are encouraged to create boards that serve as repositories for similar pins. Of course, the best part about all of this for the marketer, business or freelancer is that each of the pins links back to the site from which they were lifted so that your pin can easily convert to a sale.

Sounds easy enough right? The real key to using Pinterest is to get your pins in from of an audience and the best way to do that is by joining a group or, as the case may be, being invited to contribute to one. Start by following a board and courting the owner or owners by producing pins that show why they would want to invite you in the first place. Time intensive, yes, but ultimately worth it. Another way to begin is to create your own group board but this s perhaps even more demanding (although still doable). Sadly, the era of the low-hanging fruit has come and gone and to really succeed you have to be willing to invest some sweat-equity.

Of course there is much more to say on the subject and learning to design an effective pin that stands out from the millions of others on a page is just as crucial as finding the right board for it but that will need to wait for another day. In the interim, I recommend having a look at this article The Perfect Pinterest Formula that will help you to figure out how to design your pins for optimal impact.



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I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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