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Power Your Content with Images

baby-mamaGood writing should be able to convey information and persuade readers to act on its merits alone but there is simply no denying that the right kind of images do a better job of hooking your audience than any font or typeface ever will. Trite and cliche as it may seem, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is just as true today in the digital age as it was 200 years ago. But, as writers and content producers of the 21st Century surely you want some numbers to back up such claims, right? Well, not to worry, we’ve got numbers for you.

There Is a Method to the Madness

According to a landmark 1991 study conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide, the inclusion of pictures, whether they were photos or illustrations, had a positive impact on the content being promoted regardless of industry or niche. Here are the results:

Content consisting of 50 percent visuals (photos, illustrations, graphics elements) were noted (seen and recalled) 30 percent more often than ads with no visuals.

Content consisting of 75 percent visuals are noted 50 percent more often than ads with few or no visuals.

In the “Read Most” category, these same ads also scored 60 percent higher.

Four to nine visuals boost “Noted” scores by 30 percent over ads with fewer or no visuals.

Showing the product attracts readers 13 percent more often than showing no product.

Clearly you want to use images in your content, ads and emails unless of course you don’t want more readers and a wider audience.YoungAdults-life-groups If you’re reading this I can pretty much assume that you don’t have a literary death wish and you actually do want people to read and interact with your content so here are a few more hints to keep you going in the right direction.

The Seven Types of Images You Should Use in Your Content

Not all images are created equal. The following seven types of images will get the most response from your readership and propel your content farther than the nicest, most readable serif font could ever dream of doing.

1. Children and babies.

2. Mothers and babies.

3. Groups of adults.

4. Animals.

5. Sports scenes.

6. Celebrities.

7. Food.

Even though we don’t have the time to further delve into the nuances of image use in copy and content writing you now have the tools you need to start creating more engaging blog posts, articles and web pages today. So, what are you waiting for? Go find some baby pictures of celebrities eating food at the Super Bowl and you’re sure to hit a home run with your next piece.



About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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