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Don’t Get Left Behind – Tips to Rehab Your LinkedIn Profile

LINKEDIN-or-left-behindAs you probably already know, LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the de facto resume of the 21st Century and for good reason: it allows you to give a more detailed and holistic vision of yourself to prospective employers, clients and colleagues in a way that its stodgy, paper counterparts simply cannot. But, unless you’re a digital or web professional, the idea of setting up a LinkedIn profile can be daunting if not downright scary. How do you write a summary? What should you include in your profile? What does everyone mean when they talk about adding “media?” Because we don’t want you to get left behind in today’s uber-competitive, hyper-connected world try following these four tips to rehab your LinkedIn profile and have a better chance of landing the job, closing the deal or simply increasing your authority in your industry.

1. Use multi-media in your profile. Not sure what multi-media means here? Wel, relax. It’s simple. Just add any work or project related PDFs, photos, presentations and just about anything else that isn’t plain text to your profile and it will immediately make it mre appealing. Notice how I include at least one image in every post? Use the same principle to create more interest in your profile and you will start getting more views in no time.

2. Don’t be shy. LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect so, by all means, don’t be bashful. Not only does the number of connections you have increase your rank in search but it can have the very tangible benefit of  landing you your next job or client.

3. Join relevant LinkedIn groups. Your group memberships show up in your profile and are a great way for people to see where your interests lie. Not only do they give you a chance to build authority but they also serve as great resources. Have a problem you can’t solve? Bring it to your colleagues in your LinkedIn group, get ideas an build relationships that matter all at the same time.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. There is really nothing that beats a personal recommendation. Just think: one of the key reasons for Amazon‘s success (aside from Jeff Bezos‘ apparent lck of scruples) is their plethora of reviews. In the same way, people tend to trust personal “reviews” (i.e., recommendations) much more than anything you write about yourself, no matter how well you write it.

I sincerely hope these four tips will help jumpstart your LinkedIn profile rehab and if you need more of the same be sure to check out this great article from the Huffington Post 8 Secrets to Building a Stunning LinkedIn Profile




About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

One comment on “Don’t Get Left Behind – Tips to Rehab Your LinkedIn Profile

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