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quality-over-quantity-resized-600If you’re a freelancer writer, social media marketer, SEO specialist, blogger or other web-worker you know how much pressure there is to create and distribute content. In the rush to syndicate, share and get followed it seems many of us have lost our way (I know I have been guilty of it more than once). So, what makes for quality content that will deliver the results you’re so desperately looking (or, should I say, writing) for? Website Magazine just published a nice little article on the three features of quality content that get it shared and actually promote user engagement and you can find here if you’re interested. But, for the time time I’m interested in one aspect of the article and of content marketing in general: findability.

You Took the Time to Write It, But Who Will Read It?

The internet today is mired in more content than anyone could ever hope or ever want to read. Naturally, in order for the blog you post or article you write to do any of the things you would like it to (like get you traffic, conversions or engagement), it will first need to be found. And, it is just this issue of findability that has launched a thousand SEO consultants‘ careers. So, how do you write quality content that isn’t keyword stuffed for search engines’ robots or excessively long in the mistaken assumption that there is a magic word count number every post needs to hit?

The truth of the matter is that, once you know the basics about keyword usage, you really need to use your common sense and, most of all, have a good understanding of your intended audience and what might interest them. If you have a mailing list of made primarily up of women over 40 who subscribed to a blog that publishes new recipes every Monday and Thursday you’re certainly not going to craft a marketing email that uses language and cues designed to attract a young, 18 to 25 male demographic. Furthermore, you need to know the idiom of your prospects in order to effectively communicate with them and give cues to Google’s army of robots that your content is worth picking up.

Another key component of writing findable content is that it be fresh and new. Yes, it can seem nearly impossible to do produce anything new these days but, really, who wants to read the same spun article 5 times in a week? Take the time to digest the information, do your research and then put your own spin on new content while keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience.

Use Your Common Sense

Obviously, there is a lot more to say on the subject of producing quality content but much of it boils down to common sense: if you want people to read your work or interact with your content it needs to be something of value. Social sharing tools like Hootsuite now give web and content professionals the ability to blast their audiences with a plethora of content every day but, sadly, most of the content being pushed isn’t worth the electrons that carry it. SO, do yourself and everyone else a favor: only write something that you would want to read yourself.



About Michael Rickicki

I am a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and co-owner of a mid-sized automotive accessories manufacturer and retailer in Brooklyn.

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